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Recently published more scores for advanced guitarists – but I´m still waiting for your ideas…

If there is anything you´d like to know, let me know!



david and maria wishing a good year 2013

Just got the permission from a real master of the guitar – David Russel – to use his videos on my blog. I can´t tell – it makes me feel so good that there are people in this world which don´t think only of making (more) money.

Thank You very,very much David!!!

Next thing to do for me is editing some pieces that he plays, and there is Augustin Barrios Mangore coming up, Valse No. 3, Julia Florida and La Catedral are the pieces I am editing right now, they will be published in the next days.

Best wishes to everybody for the upcoming year,




Hello everybody,

first steps are done, in the last weeks I have published scores from very easy studies going  up to concert pieces like Johann Sebastian Bach´s Lute Suite in E Minor Bwv 966 or Masterpieces of Francisco Tárrega and Mauro Giuliani.  All pieces are published also at  Scribd and Google Drive.  Recently my right hand is almost numb from clicking the mouse…

In the next few weeks I will concentrate on publishing related videos on Youtube and more audio files.

Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas, and not at last for your financial support!




Hello everybody!

This sites are going to help you listen, read, write and play music with your guitar, and I hope that someday it may be just one surface for guitar playing people.

This pages are about guitar playing techniques, music theory, improvisation, composing, interpretation and so on.

This project has just started. Time after time I will add pages, scores, pictures and videos, and make them better, sharing what I have learned on and with the guitar, my audience, my pupils and not least my hands, my brain and my heart.

The pieces are graded in difficulty. Since I have to beginn somewhere I will start with the easier ones, but as I know myself the increase will be more or less… versatile.

About my score editing, there is to say that I do of course like big noteheads and staffs. I really don´t know why guitar scores mostly are so incredibly small, compared with scores for piano, cello or violin. This definitly makes it less comfortable to learn the instrument, so I tried to make scores as readable as necessary.

If you like  this pages, let me know, and if you have ideas or need for something that is not to find yet, don´t feel a delicacy to ask for it.

All contents like scores, texts, photos and videos are edited by myself and subjects of copyright, published on this web for free for private use only. If you want to use contents, just ask me!

Last but not least I suggest that we talk and discuss subjects with respect and responsibility on each other.

If you want to support guitar-comprehensive, you find some information here.

Enjoy it!